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Debut Novel - First You Pay

The practice of medicine has changed. Doctors are no longer the revered and respected figures of old. With prestige and incomes shrinking many doctors scramble to maintain an opulent life style that they and their family feel entitled to.

Dr. Paul Ochs is no exception and so begins his slide down the slippery slope of Medicare fraud. He turns to pills to keep going until a friend, fearing for his competence and safety, sabotages him. His arrogance leads to an introduction to a side of life hidden from him heretofore.

In prison he meets Rene, his self-appointed protector who reluctantly helps him escape in an ill-fated attempt to win back his wife.  Sent to a maximum security prison, his life is altered in unpredictable ways as he struggles to find a new direction. A life that almost ends before the answer appears.

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About the Author

David A. Haymes is a retired internist. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has been active in the Kairos Prison Ministry and is cofounder of MEDS for Africa, a non-profit providing medical and educational assistance to East Africa.

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