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First of all, WOW!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I was wrapped into the story right from the start. It disrupted my sleep patterns because I could not set it down. 

It was interesting to watch the good Doctor Ochs change, to actually become what I would like to call Christian and truly useful to society.  And the way you used prison characters to aid in the process, may have been somewhat of a stretch (I have never met prisoners like those in that place called ‘Yolanda’) but at the same time you humanized them.  One of the sad things about people in general, they don’t do that to people in prison.

Every time I saw the name Ochs, something inside me sort of ‘jumped’.  Then when I saw the name “Chico the Man” I actually laughed out loud.  I remember the guy we met on Kairos 999 who was called Chico the Man and his claim to fame being that he had fathered 15 children with 5 women. 

I want to say things that I don’t know how to say.  Complimentary things to express my admiration for your skill and tenacity with this thing.  I feel that you used your life and your imagination and your education to put together something good.  Your use of descriptive words and phrases created pictures in my mind.  I think there were only 3 times that I had to look back a page or so to understand what was just said – but in every case it was my fault for not paying attention.   

David, I am proud to say “I know this guy!!” -- S.O.

"Just finished your book... it caught me from the first few pages. It flows well, has just enough unexpected twists and turns and makes you alternate between being mad at Dr. Ochs and feeling so sad for him. It almost demands a sequel! --C.W.

"What a great story!  I read "First You Pay" in three sittings.  My thoughts:  Great opening that grabs the reader.  It's a very easy read and the story moves very quickly, without telegraphing where the main character will be heading on his journey.  I can see a bit of your story in this book, too.  I particularly like the ending. . . Nice work!" --M.S.

"I just finished David's book....I couldn't put it down!  I read it in 2 days!  Waiting to read his next!  The story was captivating and I saw so many hints of David, of course!  I absolutely loved it and have already started recommending it!" --J.S. 

"Just finished First You Pay. I am most impressed. Your writing style is crisp and focused. You have a real talent and I look forward to your next novel." --R.B.

"First You Pay  hooked me on page one. I couldn't put it down. Bravo, David Haymes, on a riveting first novel."




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